Thursday, 14 May 2015

The Story Begins

The Story Begins

The Stories of Unknown start when a child was born with some unusual power.
It was a dark night, the house on the street 15 was suddenly caught on fire and a woman got stuck in it. Woman cries and scream for help but no one came in. Suddenly an unknown shadow appears and the fire got calm. Woman was pregnant  but she lost controls over her mind. People called police and they took her to mental asylum.
The Boy took birth their. All love him as he is one of the most special child. He have some special on his face which attract everyone eyes towards him.
Boy was named after the unknown shadow. Unknown had lost her mother during her treatment and had been sent to an orphanage where everyone was very cruel to him.
Everyone tease him because of his unique name 'UNKNOWN'.
Unknown everyday cries under the sky and spend many hours by watching a single star which he name after her mother's name.
Unknown don't know anything about his father and never got chance to ask from her mother.
One day just like the past the incident happens again the orphanage got on fire and everyone was running. But unknown was very calm. Suddenly a voice came - "where is john". Unknown ran to the sister and ask about that. without losing time he jump into the fire and took John out of the fire.
People still thinks the same about him. He never got any special treatment.
One day a couple came to adopt a child everyone happy.
They chose unknown because of his sweetness and his loving nature. They ask him about his mother and father but he didn't tell them.
They took him to their house. they seem to be very nice but they are more evil than anything. They need a servant for their house and they made unknown as their servant.

Wait for next post to get more of this. Thank you. 

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